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Ambassador Program

Thank you so much for your interest in our ambassador program! Here at JESSE we strive to create a community of individuals who are passionate, driven, and charismatic about what they do. Whether they're interested in fashion, sports, knowledge, etc, there is a place for you within our program!

What Is My Role As An Ambassador?

As an ambassador for JESSE, you are part of the soul of the brand. High quality social media posts and word of mouth sharing are the main and best ways to fulfill your part. Let your friends and family know how awesome you and the clothing are!

What Do I Receive?

The perks of becoming an ambassador are as follows:

  • 20% Off  Your First Ambassador Order

  • 15% Off All Following Orders

  • A Free Shirt With Every 3 Orders Or A Free Sweatshirt With Every 4 Orders When Someone Uses Your Ambassador Code

  • Access To Unreleased Apparel

  • Free Shipping On Orders Over $50

What Must I Do To Apply?

To apply for our ambassador program you must enter register your information below. After your application is approved each applicant must purchase a shirt or sweatshirt with their 20% off discount code. Each member is encouraged to post their latest pickup on social media within two weeks to maximum results!

Apply To Be An Ambassador

Thanks for applying! Check your email for your 20% Off Promo Code

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