New York City Artwork

The latest Spring/Summer collection by Jesse New York was heavily inspired by components of New York City itself. As a company based and operating in New York City it is our honor to create our latest collection in the image of the greatest city on earth.

The Nighttime Tee

An "urban landscape" photograph of lower Manhattan, the Nighttime Tee portrays a moment in time where there is a certain stillness in the city. This piece takes the time to capture a moment of beauty within the city, cherish the post-modern architectural style enriching the buildings which line the streets and the soft golden lighting granting night-owls another moments time to expatiate. The night is when the city truly comes to life. Subtle details beautify and embellish our beloved city.

The Babylon Tee

The design for the Babylon Tee may seem simple at first but holds many dimensions. New York holds a reputation as the "Big Apple". It was first popularized in the 1920s by John J. Fitz Gerald, a sports writer for the New York Morning Telegraph. Its popularity since the 1970s is due in part to a promotional campaign by the New York tourist authorities. The apple is also the state fruit of New York, adopted in 1976.

"EXCELSIOR" a Latin word often translated as "ever upward" or "still higher" appears on the ribbon in all of the New York State seals, it is used as a general motto highlighting the intent of those residing in the state.

The name "Babylon" is referenced from the city of Babylon mentioned in the Holy Bible. A place where many languages and cultures are brought together with impressive buildings and structures. This name embodies the city we hold dear and brings a new perspective on the melting pot.

The Queens Tee

During conceptualization the Queens Tee was made to represent the largest borough in New York City. Modeled after the flag of Queens we decided to place our own inspiration into the artwork to it inimitable. Jesse represents all of New York City but Queens specifically is the place of our birth. The flag of Queens contains three horizontal bands, with the top and bottom being sky blue, and the middle white. These colors represent the arms of the first Dutch Governor Willem Kieft. The yellow tulip shown on the flag represents the Dutch, who were early settlers of the area. The red rose is a Tudor rose, a traditional symbol of England and the English monarchy. The queen's crown signifies the namesake of the borough, which was named in honor of Catherine of Braganza, Queen Consort of England in 1683, when New York's original twelve counties (of which Queens was one) were established.

Thank You for taking the time to visit, we hope you were inspired, learned something, or enjoyed the visual arts. Shop our latest Spring/Summer collection at www.jessenewyork.com/shop . Merci!

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