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The Philosophers Dream 

Awoken from an ethereal dream which felt too real... symbols of the unconscious fade as the philosopher grips reality.

The metaphysical and divine lay in their mind, the love of wisdom propels their understanding.

Routinely spending nights in the laboratory, obsessed with crafting gold... yet tonight they are impeccably calm.

The wonders of the universe fill the room, the thought of the stone settles on the philosophers mind.

What they sought had been gifted. The water of the soul, the elixir of life.

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Jesse New York symbolizes the spiritual in a world where there is an emphasis on the material. 

The study of mysticism and what is spiritual fills our brand and drives our beautiful designs.

Our brand is a form of communication, shedding light on the overlooked wonder and beauty which surrounds us.

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Premium Apparel

Our apparel consists of quality, long lasting fabrics, and are printed upon with rich vivid inks. Giving off mystical high vibrations. 


Sustainable Fashion

Created in small batches and upon order, we limit our environmental waste while delivering a one of a kind experience. 


Knowledge & Wonder

Based upon centuries old artwork and ideas, our brand brings a fresh take on streetwear, imbuing powerful symbolism and wondrous, dreamlike, designs into every piece.

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