What Is Jesse New York About?

 Jesse New York creates garments based on elements of the mystical and divine.


We strive to create high quality clothing which express our adoration of gnosticism, hermeticism, alchemy, and the occult.


Each design embodies a central artwork and idea which is further developed throughout our media channels.

Found in August 2018, JESSE creates a unique blend of apparel consisting of mysticism, artwork, meaning, and quality.

What Are Jesse New York's Ideals?

Jesse New York intertwines expression, meaning and connection within our clothing. Each idea embodies qualities within the metaphysical.


Our releases are planned and expressed through media such as our artworks, and blog posts.


The quality of our clothing is of the utmost importance to our brand as there is meaning to each garment.


Each item is crafted with quality materials and premium prints to be worn for years to come.


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jesse@jessenewyork.com for further inquires