Jesse New York Inc.

About Us

Jesse New York is an American business to customer fashion brand located in New York City. Our company offers mens and womens apparel which embody a theme.


The theme of each capsule and collection is heavily planned and is integrated within the garments, as well as accompanying artwork and blog posts.


Jesse New York mainly targets the American consumer market. The brand was founded in August 2018 and has been creating a unique blend of apparel consisting of emotion, elegance, expression, and art.

Our Ideals

JESSE upholds the idea that clothing (like art) should be meaningful and reflect the idea of a deeper connection. To uphold these ideals all of our designs are cohesive and follow a certain theme which can be further explored throughout our website.


The quality of our clothing is of the utmost importance to our brand because of the meaning which every garment holds. We create our clothing using quality materials and premium prints so you can wear our garments for years to come.


JESSE brings a new idea to the table in which beauty, appreciation, and quality shine through. 

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jesse@jessenewyork.com for further inquires

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