About Jesse New York

Jesse New York creates garments which the wearer can feel a connection to, we strive to create meaningful clothing expressed through various themes.

Unsatisfied with meaningless cheap fast fashion and over expensive luxury brands, our founder Jesse looked toward a new future of fashion, where quality and purpose shine through. 

The themes of each capsule and collection vary with each release and are an exhibition of society and culture.


Found in August 2018, Jesse New York creates a unique blend of apparel consisting of meaning, emotion, elegance, and artistic expression.

What Are Jesse New York's Ideals?

Jesse New York intertwines personal expression, meaning and connection within our capsules and collections. Each idea embodies qualities within the world around us.


Our themed collections are planned and expressed through media such as our artworks, and blog posts.


The quality of our clothing is of the utmost importance to our brand as there is meaning to each garment. Each item is crafted with quality materials and premium prints to be worn for years to come.


Jesse New York brings a new idea to the industry in which beauty, appreciation, and quality shine through.

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