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Your Spirit Is Priceless

It's what's inside that counts. We all hear this and know that's what matters. Yet society judges us solely by our accomplishments, leaving us wondering if there is more to life.

We're here to show you there is. Hidden deep within each individual lies a spirit, everlasting and grand in its nature, waiting to be nourished and brought into its fullness.


Your purpose lies not only in what you may obtain but in who you are. The body may perish but your spirit will always live on.


JESSE exists not only to dress your body but to outfit your soul. Our mystical apparel is made for you who cherishes their innermost nature and knows the first step toward seeing is believing. There is always more than meets the eye my friend.


Fascinated & inspired by this concept JESSE was founded. Shedding light on the extraordinary nature lying within each individual and displaying a passion for uplifting each unique spirit who comes across our brand. 


The name of our brand retains the old Hebrew definition of "Jesse" meaning "God exists". An idea obtained simply through observing the everyday nature of our reality and existence.

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