Align With The Divine

How We Started

After years of depression and discontent, our founder  established JesseNewYork in august 2018. He looked toward self improvement and personal knowledge to find clues about existence and reality.

After personally studying psychology to help his mental and physical state, deeper questions began to develop and mysticism/metaphysics became an evolution of study.

Melencolia I
The Flammarion Engraving

Creating Mystical Designs

Each clothing design captures the essence of mysticism and is based upon artwork personally colored and re-presented from centuries ago.  


Our high quality clothing aligns with the divine and reflects you, thou who walks their own path.

Shipping Your Orders

We are an up and coming brand and thus sell our clothing exclusively from our online webstore. This makes the brand accessible to people throughout the region. 

Our main customer base is located within the United States.

 Mysticism is not exclusive to one country but a belief embracing all people.  

Mercurius In The Philosophers Egg

Where Art Thou!

We are one community here at Jesse and we love seeing your pictures uniting mystical knowledge! (Use The Hashtag #jessenewyorkofficial)

We love having a community which brings us together.

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